wonderful saturday –

today was a gorgeous start to the weekend.  we got up and headed to cary to meet cathy, steve, and gus (some friends we found through yelp who’ve recently adopted a little miracle of their own.)  it was great to finally meet some folks who had been through the process, been where we are now, and have ended up in such a good place with their sweet baby boy.  cathy brought us a copy of their profile book so we can get a feel for the layout and the contents in what we can prepare to create for our own.  she also brought us a book about birthmothers and even a baby einstein book for our future little one!  how sweet!

after lunch we decided it was a great day to be a tourist in our own town.  we headed to downtown wake forest to tour the musem of the birth place of wake forest university.  we pulled up and admired the lawn, the gardens, the fountain, the setting – and then we waltzed up to the porch to find a note that said it was closed for remodel, but was set to open again on november 14th.  drat the luck!  oh well – c’est la vie!  so we continued to tour the outside, pose for photos, and just enjoy the amazing weather.  we learned that the town used to be called “the forest of wake” because it was in wake county and there were an abundance of hardwood trees.  we both loved the story of this.  we strolled down main street admiring the old homes and trees and then had to partake in our usual saturday shopping (just to support local businesses of course.)

for dinner we decided to head south towards down town raleigh for some pho noodle soup.  we made our way to pho cali and had some great vietnamese soup and sammies!  delish!  while we were there we saw a family come in for their dinner.  it was a father with 4 pre-teen children of multiple ethnicities.  they laughed and giggled together as the father explained to them what pho noodle soup was and how the broth was prepared.  two of the boys had mohawks and will and i both joked with each other that this would be him with our kids one day.  i loved hearing all of those little cuties call the father “daddy”.   too sweet.

we’d  picked up a flyer at a local popcorn store last night and decided to go to “anchorsoul” at faith baptist church in youngsville.  after reading about the event on their website we learned that local adoption agencies and foster care services would be on site to provide information.  the event is a haunted house alternative and proved to give us something further for us to think about on our faith journeys.  http://www.faithnc.org/anchorsoul  we both really enjoyed the production and the services offered by this very large baptist church.  looks like they are doing some good work!  the entire thing just reiterated that the path we are on is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

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the PHO is making me crazy! You know how much I love PHO, despite the inch worm we found in mine in Northern VA. Haha.

I love thay you guys had such a great visit with Steve, Cathy and lil Gus! I know Cathy wasn’t feeling well, but what a trooper. Our heart goes out to her for making things happen! The family obviously has huge hearts and great personalities. I look forward to hearing about your growing friendship with them!

November 2nd, 2010

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