we spent this Christmas at will’s folks house.  it was great to spend time with everyone on the white side.  we spent time playing board games, watching movies, telling stories, visiting church, and feasting on some amazing grub.  ethan continues to amaze us with his computer skills and engineering plans.  we’re sure that one day he’s going to have a multi billion dollar invention.  meredith has outstanding fashion sense and loves to show off her new outfits.  it’s hilarious to hear her exclaim that these clothes are more fashionable because they came from nordstrom rack.

it was the second Christmas in a row to be a white Christmas.  the snow began late on Christmas eve and continued for the next 24 hours.  the snow was about 9″ before it came to a hault.  will and i took the dogs out multiple times to enjoy the stillness in the snow.  amelia loves to hop through the snow, but iliana is not so keen on it. 

we were exstatic to have received so many gifts for the baby.  we received the baby monitor, the diaper sprayer, and several books from will’s parents.  they also gave me a charm bracelet that they will fill with charms once we get the baby.  we are so excited that everyone is on board, and that we are stocking up on the gear that’s needed to pass the home study and fill the nursery.

ethan was in love with the metal detector his folks got him, the dinosaur tooth from his grandparents, and the dinosaur egg kit we got him.  meredith was very happy with her american girl doll, her new scooter, and the outfits we got her.  they are each so different, but so sure of themselves.  we had a good time with both of them.

since i had to get back to work today we had to head back home on sunday.  when we began to head out on sunday morning, we had to drive in the snowfall the entire way back home.  however, will got to test out the safety features on the suv and found it very satisfying to not have any slippage etc. despite all of the snow and ice. 

we’re so thankful for another Christmas with family, another year of being healthy, and another year of moving forward.  we’re looking forward to a most amazing 2011.

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Merri and Ethan are growing soo quick! Holy Smokes. They look absolutely adorable. It sounds like you guys had a great visit. Although, I must admit, I missed you both loads and loads!

January 3rd, 2011

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