a sunny saturday in the seventies sent us to spending time out of the house.  we decided to go back to the folk art show at fearington village again this year.  we’d been there in 2009 and i fell in love with eric legge and multiple other artists who create very raw and expressive pieces.  before heading to the show we headed to cary to the bavarian brathaus to use a groupon that was about to expire.  we had growling stomachs from skipping out on breakfast and needed to get some nourishment before taking the art tour.  we were excited to try some authentic german food and settled in for a relaxing meal bargain style.  with our groupon saving us 50% off our meal, this was just the kind of outing we could handle!  will decided on some bratwurst and i ordered the wiener schnitzle.  we both sampled a beer and enjoyed the sampling of tasty and flavorful viddles in an authentic german atmosphere.  after our bellies were full and will posed with a beer poster, we continued on our way to pittsboro.  when we drove up we saw that the belties were out in the pasture!  we parked the car and quickly made our way over to hang out with these special black cows with perfectly furry white belts.  their fur was thick and soft.  they were very expressive and put up with my cutsie schmootsie talk for almost half an hour.  after we’d bothered them long enough we made our way over to the barn to tour the art work of the folk artists.  we took our time touring each booth and admiring all of the pieces.  if our budget was different i would have purchased at least two more of eric legge’s paintings.  there’s something about him and his work that fascinates me and i hope that one day i will be able to purchase something larger than the tiny “Jesus” painting i have that i purchased in 2009.  we’d love to fill our home with original art, in the tradition of aunt pat, and have these treasures surrounding us and our little one as they grow.  we’ll get our collection going one day!  we had a great day doing nothing but relaxing and enjoyed every single second of it.

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LOVE the belties! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous Saturday.

February 20th, 2011

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