with our adoption seminar taking us to asheville last weekend, will’s mom thought it would be good for us to redeem our biltmore house tour tickets on saturday.  she called and made the arrangements so we could do some touring saturday morning.  we headed out early and were stoked when the weather was amazingly perfect.  the sky was bright blue and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.  we loved the architecture and the history behind the house.  it was great to finally see it in person, and to learn about why it was created and how the vanderbuilt family built their fortune.  the only bummer was the fact that they do not allow you to take photos in the house itself (which is understandable), but we took as many as we could outside!

one of our favorite parts of the tour was the orchid room in the conservatory in the gardens.  the flowers in the conservatory were amazing!  we can hope to have some amazing plants like this one day!  while the 107,000 tulips were not yet blooming, they are definitely going to be amazingly gorgeous in a week or so!

after the tour of the house and the gardens we headed over to the arbor grill (at the biltmore winery) for lunch out on the patio.  sipping on wine and enjoying the amazingly sunny day were a perfectly relaxing end to our tour.  we sampled tapas plates for our lunch so we could try as many delicious tastes as possible.  we loved every single bite!

once we were done with our lunch we sampled wines at the winery.  some of the wines sampled were very good!  we enjoyed the tasting and tried almost 20 wines, although 30 were available to sample.  we purchased a couple of bottles to bring home and enjoy with dinner sometime soon.

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love these amazing photos and the wonderful memories that go with them!

June 24th, 2011

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