melanie flew down to rdu and then we headed off to austin, texas together.   we’d planned for months to go and see delaine, and finally the time was here.

our flights to san antonio were short and painless.  we arrived to the texas heat, gathered our bags, and were greeted by delaine and caleb at the airport.  caleb has bright brown eyes, eyelashes to die for, and the cutest little cheeks.  he was a trooper and was down for the shopping and the sight seeing.  

texas was not at all what i’d imagined.  for some reason i envisioned sand, dust, tumbleweed, and lots of cowboys.  instead i saw lush greenery, lots of limestone, and everyone wearing their regulars.  it was like nc – only hotter for october.

delaine shuttled us to some amazing baby stores and some fantastic lunch at the whole foods headquarters in down town austin.  later that night we feasted on some delicious fajitas over candle light.  we had a good time chatting and catching up.

saturday we headed off to the salt lick for some amazing texas style bbq.  this place has been on a million food network tv shows and was a must do on the tx tour list.  the wait was short and before we knew it we were feasting on ribs, brisket, and sausage.  after our bellies were full we headed out for more shopping.  we visited some amazing antique stores and some unique boutiques.  we picked up some souvenirs and cute stuff for the babe.  we had fun seeing town and survived the heat.  we visited the cold springs and i could totally see myself ditching the camera and taking a dive to cool off!  after some fun around town we headed back home to play with caleb before going out for the night. 

he’s totally easy going and has fun playing with diet coke boxes and magnets.  hope our baby is that easy to please!  he giggled at every last thing and we totally acted like clowns just getting him laughing.  his laugh is infectious and he kept my heart eager for our little one to arrive.  melanie gave him some sesame street characters to play with.  we decided that we’d name melanie “aunt melmo” since she loves her some elmo!  i still laugh when i think of him giggling at his toys or our funny faces.

for dinner we headed to moonshine in down town austin.  the wait was long, but the place was awesome and well worth the wait.  melanie picked us up some beverages at the bar and before we knew it our table was ready.  we all enjoyed our dinners and even splurged for some dessert.  i had to order the red velvet cake, since it is “my mom’s favorite!”  the desserts came out and they were bigger than the table.  we ended up with some to go boxes and then made our way – by rickshaw – to the driskill hotel.  the driver of the bike was from mclean, va – small world.  we all had a hilarious time as we rode the bike across town.  we arrived at the driskill and i actually saw a cowboy checking in at the desk.  (i thought i would see cowboys everywhere – what qualifies as a cowboy? – man wearing cowboy hat, cowboy boots, jeans, large belt buckle – but this was the one true cowboy i saw.)  we made our way to the bar and saddled up for some drinks.  the place was packed, but we had fun as we continued to chat it up.  after our cocktails we headed down to the main drag and i could have sworn that we were at mardi gras.  the streets were closed and people were EVERYWHERE.  live music could be heard pouring out of the bars and clubs and people had their choice of which live act to shake their groove thang to.  we jetted around and took a glance in almost every one.  after our tour we headed back to the car and settled into bed once we got home.

sunday we got up and headed to breakfast.  had some yummy french toast with poached eggs to start the day.  we took caleb home and played with him before his nap time.  after we got him settled in we checked out some more shopping and loaded into the car for the oasis on lake travis.  the sunsets are one for the record books and the food was delish.  i had the best chile rellenos i’ve ever tasted along with a gorgeous sunset.  we all relaxed by the water and had a great time.

monday morning we got up and headed to san antonio.  we visited the alamo and the river walk.  the heat and humidity were a bit stifling, but we still enjoyed a good tour, the water at the river walk, a mariachi band, and an awesome lunch. 

as quickly as it came, our time in texas was gone.  i had an awesome time with delaine and melanie!  it was great to have some down time, catch up, and reminisce.  cannot wait to have the three of us together again soon.

2 Responses to “where have all the cowboys gone?”

You girls look amazing! The photos are wonderful. I can’t wait to visit. Sweet lil Caleb, WOW! My favorite photo is the fourth down and fourth one to the right. So precious!

Annie, if you left TX without a pair of those boots I will be highly disappointed! Please tell me you are currently sporting a fantastic pair of those boots around town. Love you loads!

October 27th, 2010


Yeah, he was a ham! That was when we learned he had tickle spots! We’d tickle his leg and he would roll with laughter!

You are surely going to be disappointed in my failure to get cool cowgirl boots. Whahhhh! I wanted some cowskin boots that had spots, but they were $499.00! Unfortunately all my money has gone to baby gear so no boots for me! Oh well, maybe next trip!

October 29th, 2010

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